Introducing Koh Samui

For many hundreds of years the main economy of Koh Samui revolved around fishing and the harvesting of tropical plants and fruits, especially coconuts as they were able to grow and flourish in the warm, sunny, tropical climate.

It was during the early 1960’s that the first tourists started to visit the island, many of whom considered themselves to be ‘hippies’ on the trail to Kathmandu in search of enlightenment.

Word continued to spread within the hippy and backpacking community about the paradise island of Koh Samui and by the early 1970’s the islands popularity began to increase. Even with this increase in popularity, agriculture still remained the islands largest economy and was the main source of income for nearly all of the islands inhabitants.

By 1975 young adventurers and backpackers from Europe had firmly established Koh Samui as one of their favourite destinations alongside places like Goa and Bali.

The Koh Samui of today has changed a lot from those early years and the cheaply priced beach bungalows are increasingly hard to come by. Most accommodation is either mid range or top end properties with beautifully decorated rooms, lushly manicured gardens and lavish pools.

Despite this up market trend, Koh Samui still offers something for everyone. There are crowded beaches where local vendors sell coconuts and mangoes to sunbathing tourists, and isolated spots where serenity and seclusion are the name of the game. Some travelers plan to stay for only a week and are still entranced with the island three months later while others prefer to fly in for the weekend before heading back to their normal lives.

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